Private Webinar- Food Safety Month 2016 with Equinox

Private Webinars

Equinox understands the time constriction Corporate and Top-notch food businesses face which in turn acts as a bottleneck for wide-spread awareness on Food Safety. With a hope to reach out to the esteemed entrepreneurships, ‘Your Testing and Compliance Partner’ will host a series of Free Private webinars throughout the Season 2 of Food safety Month 2016 to help join hands in ushering in safety, hygiene and good health.

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Benefits of Private Webinars-

  • Customized Topics as per the requirements *
  • Free Flow of Priceless Information on FSSAI, Licensing and Compliance.
  • Testing Regulations as per set standards and Acts.
[Rest depends on the topics selected]
  • Personalized one-to-one interaction.