Food Safety Awareness Session

An awareness session on Food Safety will be conducted Online and at various organizations during Food Safety Month starting from 7thApril 2015. The session will give an overview of the food safety and regulations under the Act.  Recognizing that food safety is a cross-cutting issue and shared responsibility, Equinox welcomes the participation in these sessions to gain and deliver the importance of food safety—and the part each can play in ensuring that the food on peoples’ plates is safe to eat.

Our health is in our hands!


Event List :

Date Venue Food Safety Awareness Session
10th April, 2015 Prabhadevi, Mumbai Food Safety Awareness Session #1
16th April, 2015 Prabhadevi, Mumbai Food Safety Awareness Session #2
22nd April, 2015 Prabhadevi, Mumbai Food Safety Awareness Session #3
4th May, 2015 Prabhadevi, Mumbai Food Safety Awareness Session #4

There are various tasks which we perform, repeated with less conscious thought.

Properly cooking food minimises the risk of food poisoning. Every day on our normal scheduled life, daily chores or work can at times reduce your alertness and replace the attention.

With passing of days we may not always recognize the importance of safety. But the main benefit of the creating food safety awareness and spreading knowledge is the reminder that food safety is our safety. 
Lack of training and poor understanding of food hygiene has been linked to food safety issues such as food poisoning and contamination.

Safe steps in food handling, cooking, and storage are essential in preventing foodborne illness. You can’t see, smell, or taste harmful bacteria that may cause illness. 

Food Safety Badge

“According to World Health Organization (WHO) every year millions of people around the globe fall ill and many of them die because of foodborne illnesses which makes food safety the top most public health priority.”


Keep clean Example – Products, Premises, People & Pests


Separate raw and cooked- To avoid cross contamination


Cook thoroughly – Undercooked foods are major threat to the food industries


Keep food at safe temperatures- Ensure the foods are monitored in right temperatures


Food safety is a matter that affects anyone who eats food. Whether or not a person consciously thinks about food safety before eating a meal, a host of other people have thought about the safety of that food, from farmers to scientists to company presidents to federal government officials and public health officials. Ensuring the safety of food is a shared responsibility among producers, industry, government, and consumers.



Akshay  is Committed to Food Safety

“I have always being Food Compliant – Food Safety is My safety”


Jini  is Concerned about Food Safety

“Food Safety is an amazing Initiative by Equinox Labs”


Pooja is also supporting Food Safety Month

“Food Safety is a very serious issue & through Food Safety Month the issue can be solved”


Aayushi  is Food Safety Compliant

“Food Safety should not be limited to one organization, this campaign needs to be convert a lot of people”

“Tell people, Start Spreading”




Safe food is food that is free not only from toxins, pesticides, and chemical and physical contaminants, but also from microbiological pathogens such as bacteria, parasites, and viruses that can cause illness.