The three divisions of EquiSafe:

1. Essence – EquiSafe is a Certified training program for Food Handlers, Supervisors and Managers driven by the concept of Safety and Health for all, considering their current Medical Reports. This ensures that the person is trained in food safety protocols, norms, rules and is medically fit to handle food products. Each Individual shall be provided with EquiSafe Card which would signify the person is trained and well-aware of food safety.

2. Mode of Action – After Training, EquiSafe Card holders should comply to all Food Safety Regulations laid down by FSSAI. It ensures that an individual is trained in Basic Food Safety, Hygiene & is Medically fit.

3. Renewal – At the end of its 1 year validity, compliance to the latest trainings and acceptable medical reports of the food handler will ensure the renewal of the EquiSafe scorecard.


Event List :

Date Venue EquiSafe Session
16th April, 2016 Equinox Center Equisafe Session #1
22th April, 2016 Equinox Center Equisafe Session #2
30th April, 2015 Equinox Center Equisafe Session #3
6th May, 2015 Equinox Center Equisafe Session #4

Corporate Batches:

We also conduct customized EquiSafe Programs as Corporate Batches at Equinox Premise.


On successful completion of the Food Safety Training and the submission of the latest medical reports, the Participants will be awarded with an EquiSafe ID card & Safe Food Handler badges.


Submit the most recent photograph (300×300 pixels) taken with a camera. 

Latest medical test report conducting all the tests as specified by FSSAI (general physical examination, eye & skin examination, tests to detect enteric diseases & any other infectious & communicable diseases. Participants must also be vaccinated against such diseases).